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The Public Health News 24 ants its users to go through the Privacy Policy of this site. As far as the collection of user’s data and personal information is concerned, readers can view and check the privacy policy of our website. Considering that you have thought to use this website, it’s evident to get it that you agree to the terms & conditions mentioned here. The information is presented by The Market Fact for a general audience and certainly not concerted on any single group based on the race, age, ethnicity, or gender. The privacy policy is mainly focused on the gatherings and use of readers’ personal data, for example, one’s full name, email address, and discourses at length the online portal’s practices for managing this or any other information.

Collecting Data: Our team at Public Health News 24 collects the following mentioned information about you.

Eye on Your Activities: It includes information and data such as browser type, geolocation data, IP address, and transactional data. This information is collated every time you open our website, be it from your desktop or mobile device. While almost every browser is configured to accept cookies by default but the settings can be changed so it’s you who is empowered to decide to restrict or block them. Details submitted by you: We collect data whatever is provided by you such as email address, name, gender, zip code in order to receive notifications and newsletters from our site.

Tracking technologies: Talking about our The Public Health News 24, the tracking and technologies which are utilized on our online portable enable us to gather information through browser cookies, beacons, and pixels. And this information could be pertaining to the advertisements that have been viewed; various search queries, and the pages that you have visited.

Data used by 3 rd parties: Numerous of 3 rd party service providers track data of the readers by using tracking technologies to store information about the activities of the user on the website.

Information gathered from other sources: Apart from these sources, the data that is available to the public can be collected from our business partners and social media channels.

Security: At The Public Health News 24, we already try to ensure the information we collect about you is kept under high security with best secure techniques keeping in the mind the top need to safeguard users’ unauthorized disclosure modification, theft or loss. However, it’s difficult to provide a 100% guarantee regarding the same.

Updates to Privacy Policy: You may see updates to the Privacy Policy of our website from time to time and any changes made will reflect on the online portal.

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