Spaceline Could Ferry Astronauts and Payload On the Moon in the Future

Spaceline Could Ferry Astronauts and Payload On the Moon in the Future

Before this, only rockets took astronauts to the moon. Now we might have a new way to step on the lunar surface. Two graduate students claim to have an alternative of rockets for ferrying human and payload to from Earth to the moon. Both say it is possible through a type of high tech elevator, a Moon elevator. The idea of an elevator which goes into space comes from a novel – The Fountains of Paradise. Arthur C. Clarke is the author of the novel who has detailed the space elevator. In fact, it is an extremely high tower that reaches into space. Rather than sending ships and cargo from the Earth to orbit the Moon elevator is the best alternative. The only task is; you have to place equipment or astronauts in the lift of the tower.

After that, the elevator will reach the top, somewhere around 26,000 miles high in a geosynchronous orbit. It seems a funny idea to listen. In reality, it will require a tall tower and firm support, along with a balance weight on the other side. Even more, we do not have such material on Earth which can offer strength to this space elevator. Still, people have not stopped doing experiments and attempting to make a dream come true. The pair of students, from the Universities of Columbia and Cambridge, have discovered another way travel into space. They often refer to it as the Spaceline. Emily Sandford and Zephyr Penoyre plan an approach that would offer transportation to and from the lunar surface.

Both have projected their views in a study released on arXiv, an online research archive. The students claim it is technically and financially possible to develop such a lunar space elevator. Interestingly, their idea worked, the project, Spaceline, might require a few billion dollars. If designed, it would have a skyhook-like look than that of a tower. A light-weight and strong piece of material would scale up hundreds of thousands of miles from the Moon’s surface to a safe distance above the planet. It would move ahead from such a region where it won’t obstruct the functioning of satellites or clash our atmosphere. At first glance, it sounds like a nice idea. Probably, we will get an alternative of rockets and spaceships to step on the Moon.

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