Legionnaires’ disease outbreak in North Carolina may lead to major death risk in people

legionnaires' disease outbreak in north carolina may lead to major death risk in people

In North Carolina state, a third person has lost his life owing to an epidemic of Legionnaires’ disease. According to the authorities and officials of the State Health Department, not a single victim is identified in the state, and they also have not discussed the situations about the death of 3 persons. State Health officials also confirmed that around 140 cases had been identified with the Legionnaires’ disease among all people who had attended Fletcher, North Carolina based NC Mountain State Fair last month. Among these 140 cases, majority of the people are from several North Carolina counties, and some are from other states of United States. Approximately 94 people who are diagnosed with the disease are hospitalized.

Legionnaires’ disease is commonly known as legionellosis. It is atypical pneumonia triggered by any type of Legionella bacteria. The symptoms of Legionnaires’ disease may include high fever, shortness of breath, muscle pains, cough, and headaches. Legionella is typically found in freshwater sites, including rivers, lakes, and streams. Legionella can also persist in soil. Legionella bacteria is also found in the environment and only can be concern if it is blowout through manmade water sources such as cooling towers of air conditioning systems, hot water tanks, hot tubs or spas, and decorative fountains which are improperly maintained.

A preliminary report of the health department said that this Legionnaires’ disease outburst is linked to a hot tub display in one of the events and happened during the last five days of the event. There were no other potential sources of aerosolized water identified, and mist or tiny water droplets might be inhaled by people. This disease can be converted into severe death risk, though it can be treated with the treatment of antibiotics. The study and report also stated that only one patient out of 10 might die due to the infection of legionellosis.

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