Samsung Asks Galaxy S10 and Note 10 Users to Remove Screen Protector

samsung asks galaxy s10 and note 10 users to remove screen protector

Samsung’s devastating fingerprint and facial recognition bug have stirred the industry. Thankfully, it was only the bug and not the feature by default. The high-tech fingerprint sensor on the device can be easily fooled by the fingerprint residue left on the screen protector. According to a British woman, her husband could easily unlock her Samsung Galaxy device with his fingerprint. Samsung has ruled this case as the bug that caused due to the fingerprint residue on the screen protectors. Due to his issue, Samsung is warning the Galaxy S10 and Note 10 users to remove the screen protector from the devices.

Samsung said that until they release the software update to fix the issue, the users are advised to remove the screen protector. The sticky and oily fingers leave the residue marks on the screen protector, which is identified by the fingerprint sensor as the real fingerprint and unlocks the device automatically. Fortunately, not all screen protectors are affecting fingerprint reading. According to the company, only the cheap and third-party screen protector devices are affecting the fingerprint readings. Samsung has asked the users to ensure the optimum fingerprint scanning; otherwise, refrain from using screen protection.

The cheap screen protectors are failing to provide enough room for the in-screen ultrasonic fingerprint readers of the device. The ultrasonic fingerprint readers read the fingerprint by creating a 3D map of the finger. With the fingerprint residue on the surface, the ultrasonic sensor is recognizing the same as the fingerprint, and the device is unlocking without the actual owner using his finger. In the official statement, the company said that they are working on the software update to improve the fingerprint reading. The users of Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10 are advised to refrain from any front screen protector.

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