Google offers five news apps and games related to reducing screen time

Google offers five news apps and games related to reducing screen time

When Google launched Digital Wellbeing the previous year, it already had a powerful set of features designed to let users see how much time they spent on smartphones. And hope to reduce it. Now, Google hopes to extend the capabilities of Digital Wellbeing with five different apps – unlocking clocks, mailboxes; We Flip, Desert Island, and Morph. These can now be downloaded on Android phones through the Google Play Store.The Unlock Clock app for Android phones brings a new live wallpaper that let’s track the number of times the phone may have been unlocked during the day. Honestly, the PO Box app is very smart. It is designed to let choose when to send notifications on the phone, perhaps want to be at the meeting, drive or end the meeting without bothering. The app saves notifications in one place and releases them for perusal at the designated time of day.

We Flip is more like a game than an app, but it can also do a lot of work. Basically, people get together and open the We Flip app on the phone at that time. The purpose of this is to see who can use the phone for the longest distance. Once someone can’t resist the urge to unlock the phone screen, the game will stop, and everyone can see how they resist the impulse to use the phone. Desert Island is more focused on making work smoother. The app allows to select some basic apps on the phone and then hope that only use them without being distracted by others. The main thing here is to select the application that is important to the user, not all the other apps on the phone.

At least so far, the last of these new applications is called Morph. The purpose of this is to tell Morph which applications usually use during the day. Maybe the morning weather and news app, send emails at specific times of the day, music streaming apps at night, and more. An individual can also set up all-day scenes such as travel, work, and go home. Morph will try to tweak the phone based on the time of day to provide the apps might need at the time. On vacation, people can put the email and what the WhatsApp message belongs to in a vignetting corner of the phone.

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