Instagram To Hide Likes Count To Safeguard Mental Health Of Users

instagram to hide likes count to safeguard mental health of users

CEO of Instagram Adam Mosseri has recently announced that the social media platform is going to hide the likes count on posts shared by some users across the US. Mosseri announced this change in the platform while addressing the WIRED25 conference. This testing has already begun in Canada, Brazil, Italy, Ireland, Australia, Japan, and New Zealand. Now the social site is expanding this test to the United States as well. The like count from the post of some users might be eradicated after the test begins in the US next week. By vanishing the likes on the post, the company wants its users to be more careful of the content they share on social media.

Billions of users across the world are connected through social media. In the quest of having a blue badge, social media influence, the highest number of likes, comments, and verifications, users have filled these social platforms with high-level of emotions and stress. Social media has been a prominent cause of concern regarding the mental health, social wellbeing, and safety of the users. Instagram can be very precarious for the mental health of somebody who is living by the number of views, likes, comments, and shares. The authorities of the social media platform have been witnessing this continuously.

Instagram will not erase the likes of a post drastically; the users will be able to see the number of people who have liked the posts. However, the count of the likes will not be displayed to followers and in public Instagram feed. The authority of the photo-sharing site said that a false sense of appreciation could drag users deep into a sad phase of feeling unappreciated at times, which can lead to depression. Many people have appreciated this change in the social media site. Health professionals think that this move will result in a stress and anxiety-free atmosphere on social networking sites. On the other hand, this might leave the social media influencers a little upset, as the change will impact their earning off the platform.

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