Germany Government Announces Mandatory Measles Vaccination Plan, Parents To Face Fine for Non-Compliance

germany government announces mandatory measles vaccination plan, parents to face fine for non-compliance

Germany’s parliamentarians have voted in favor to make the measles vaccination plan compulsory for children. As per the latest mandate, parents who do not vaccinate their children will face fines up to 2500 Euros.  Children, who are not vaccinated against measles, might face a ban from school. The measles protection mandate will come into effect from March 2020. The launch of the mandate will be observed by advocates of immunization across the world including Britain. UK government has also been planning to make measles vaccination mandatory at state-level school, said the UK secretary Matt Hancock. The Bundestag has approved the new mandate after months of deliberation with doctors.

The officials of the health ministry have termed the new mandate on measles vaccination as ‘Child protection’. They said that people, who supported the legalization of the act, are more concerned about the wellbeing of society. The anti-vaccination movement has fuelled parents’ decision to not have their children vaccinated, which has led to a rise in cases of measles. The disease kills more than 2.6 million people globally each year. Cases of measles have increased by 350 percent last year in Europe. As per the World Health Organization, 95 percent of the population should be secured through vaccine coverage to prevent a mass outbreak.

Garman law was widely supported by center-right Christian Democratic and center-left Social Democrats. The green party has been a fierce critic of the law. They argued that measles immunization should be supported by educational campaigns rather than forced on the public. However, health professionals said that legalization is crucial to reduce the risk of an epidemic in the near future.  Under this law, children, and staff in schools, childcare facilities and children home must be vaccinated and produce proof. Earlier major pandemics of the disease emerged every few years before the inception of the measles vaccine 56 years ago, which was a huge matter of concern. There have been 543 cases of measles last year in Germany. Around 400 cease have been reported in 2019 so far in the region.

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