SpaceX plans to Damage to Astronomy with his Starlink Satellites

spacex plans to damage to astronomy with his starlink satellites

In any industry or field of business, there has always been the prevailing rule, and if there isn’t any law against it, then you are free to do it. For instance, if there are no rules for the protection of a resource, one is free to use it or take as much of it according to your own needs at your ends. Until no regulatory procedures are introduced, innovators and disruptors are free to regulate themselves. In the world of astronomy, the utmost resource of all is a dark and clear night sky- humanity’s window to the Cosmos. Usually, its foes have always been cloud cover, turbulent air, and artificial light pollution. However, very recently, a new kind of pollutant is introduced that is a threat to astronomy itself. This threat is mega-constellations of satellites. If Elon Musk’s who is the founder of American company SpaceX, Starlink project that has already begun continues, it will probably end ground-based astronomy in the way we know it.

Launching satellites into space is to offer services to those who are living on the ground, and it is an essential part of our modern-day living. Telecommunications satellites and GPS enable our cellular signals, and these satellites support our internet that we access on our cellphones today. A new upgrade in the field is 5G services. This new upgrade requires a set of new infrastructure, and that means an advanced set of satellites that are equipped enough to provide 5G service must be launched.

The first company to attempt the launch of a satellite to serve 5G services is SpaceX. The company under the leadership of Elon Musk plans to firstly install around 12,000 satellites in Starlink that is a mega-constellation. Eventually, the constellation anticipates extending to a total of 42,000 satellites. Only 122 of these satellites have been positioned, on November 20, 2019. These satellites already had a damaging impact on astronomy that too on a global level.

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