Microsoft Gets A License For Selling Its Software To Huawei

microsoft gets a license for selling its software to huawei

In a trade war situation, Huawei, the tech giant company of China, had been banned from trading with US-based companies with a few exceptions. Any company that wishes to trade with Huawei needs to get a license from the US government after submitting the required documents. Microsoft has reportedly received such a US license, which will allow it to trade with Huawei. Now the US-based tech giant company will be able to sell software to Huawei at colossal quantity. The US government has permitted Micorosft to export mass-market software, which might include Windows and office applications. However, when asked about the reporting software, the company refused to give any further details on it. Huawei was blacklisted by the US government a few months ago on the privacy concerning issues. However, now Huawei might not face any problems in the selling of its PCs like MateBook X pro at mass level with Microsoft’s support.

The commerce department, which was previously very strict over dealing with Huawei, now has removed some of its restrictions and allowed the company of temporary license. The department is issuing such license for those companies which are dependent upon Huawei. Microsoft has been a significant partner of supplying integrated software packages to Huawei for its PC’s; hence, this deal was necessary for both giant tech companies. US officials are still worried about the ongoing laws which they have put on Chinese tech giant company. The US government hasn’t found any significant evidence which proves that Huawei is selling its users’ data to the Chinese government. Google and Huawei are already facing a substantial threat from the government because of rising security threats from cellular networks and smartphones. Unless both these companies convinced or present the right evidence in front of the government that cell phones aren’t a threat for users, these two companies will suffer a considerable amount of loss.

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