Trump’s surprise visit to Afghanistan on Thanksgiving eve

trump’s surprise visit to afghanistan on thanksgiving eve

On the eve of Thanksgiving, President Donald Trump slipped away from his ‘Mar-a-Lagu Manor’ estate in Florida on a para-military plane with only a few senior aides. Sixteen hours later, he landed in Afghanistan for the first time, and it was his second visit to the war zone as a President after a similar trip to Iraq on Christmas Eve last year.

The 16-hour trip, plus three more hours, Trump spent on the ground at Bagram Airport situated in the north of Kabul. The trip was secretly covered up, as a war zone visit by the US commander. At 2 pm on Thursday, reporters accompanying the president were permitted to report on the tour, few minutes before the take-off of the Air Force One and return of the President back to Florida. The trip began early on Wednesday night. After the president quietly left Mar-a-Lago. He boarded a military aircraft at a secret airport and took off at 7:20 pm, which traveled to United Base Andrews, a military base outside Washington. This aircraft that flew President Trump to Florida was guarded at the tarmac at Palm Beach International Airport throughout his overseas trip.

The military aircraft had four blue leather chairs and a portable toilet on it. The aircraft accompanied a few handfuls of aides and a traveling press-member with President Trump on the flight. After landing at Andrews Joint Base around 9:30 p.m., Trump boarded a second Air Force One 747. The plane was hidden in the hangar and was invisible while the rest of the travel newspaper press pool was already on board. Before taking off, White House officials and reporters were deprived of cell phones and other electronic devices. By turning off the aircraft’s interior lights, Air Force One left at 10:08 pm. The reporters on board did not know where they were going until two hours before arriving in Afghanistan. White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham said in a press conference that. President Trump and Mrs. Trump recognize that there are a lot of people who are far away from their family during Thanksgiving, and they both thought it would be a pleasant surprise to the military troops. As the President stepped off the plane at Afghanistan airbase, he was welcomed by General. Mark Milley.Trump arrived early to serve Thanksgiving dinner to the military troops before he had his dinner with Barrasso and the commander; they had a fun time at the dinner.

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