Instagram Now Required Users To Provide Age Details

Instagram Now Required Users To Provide Age Details

Instagram has made some necessary changes to its platform in recent months, but today, the tech company decided to make it compulsory for users to provide age details. Earlier Instagram made it mandatory that that new user shall be above 13 to make the social media platform better for users. Instagram revealed in its statement that the users would receive privacy and other settings feature according to their birthdates. The company is using birth-related data to provide the right type of content to its users so that there will be fewer policy violations. The birthdays of users will not be publicly available, so users don’t have to worry about it.

Digital advertisers can now use this new feature to show targeted ads, which is quite useful for them. Facebook already has made it compulsory to give data about users birth, but Instagram never adopted this policy until now. The Instagram spokesperson said that the new feature would make things easier for advertiser’s, but that’s not the sole reason why they have made these changes. The primary purpose of this new amendment is to make the platform more user-friendly by using their data appropriately.

Spokesperson of Instagram said that now this new feature will make sure the safety of young users and in the next update, the company will let users decide who can message you. Instagram further mentioned that ads for products like alcohol, tobacco will not be seen by those who are below the legal age limit. This new age restriction will help both users and the company to manage the platform more efficiently. Some experts think Instagram is not verifying the age of users because of which many children will lie about respective age. Instagram hasn’t mentioned about the age verification but there should verification strategy used by the company; otherwise, there is no rocket science required to provide false information.

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