The wandering speed of Earth’s Magnetic North Pole is increasing decade by decade

The wandering speed of Earth's Magnetic North Pole is increasing decade by decade

Planet Earth lies in the Solar system, which is the only planet where life sustains. Our Earth is restless as the poles are traveling. The geographic north pole is where it is supposed to be. When we talk about its magnetic counterpart, it is roaming somewhere nearer to Siberia. History says that the North magnetic pole has never found in the same place.

In 1831, the scientist formally discovered that the north magnetic pole had traveled about 2,250 Km. North magnetic poles wandering is quite slow, which allows scientists to keep track of its position reasonably. In recent decades this wandering of North magnetic pole has gained some pace. It averages the speed of 55 Kilometers per year. The latest results contradict the data, which shows the speed rate has declined to 40 Kilometer per year. But if scientist compares this speed with the 100 year back records, still this phenomenon has never witnessed before. The wandering of the North magnetic pole is much faster than the records of the four centuries. The reason is still unknown to scientists on how the changes in the core are happening. The scientist also cannot decide the future wandering of the North magnetic pole and its location.

Nasa uses a system called the World Magnetic Model (WMM) to navigate. Even NASA’s GPS tool uses the World Magnetic Model. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the Military uses the same Model. This model is kept accurate by updating it every five years due to the wandering of the North magnetic pole. The model is updated recently in the last week. This time the refresh has come a whole year ahead of schedule due to the weird speed of the North magnetic pole. Thus we can also conclude the prediction of WMM is deteriorating. The wandering of the North magnetic pole can lead to any consequences in the future. They can flip. If this happens, then humanity is in danger. However, the new WMM data is right up to 2025, and the flip is not predicted for now.

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