Exercise And Physical Activity Can Reduce The Risk Of Certain Types Of Cancer

Exercise And Physical Activity Can Reduce The Risk Of Certain Types Of Cancer

A new study has found out that regular physical activity can lessen the risk of certain kinds of cancer. Researchers have looked at the data of more than 750000 adults from the Us, Europe, and Australia. They have tried to establish a link between their physical activity and lower risk of 15 types of cancer. Considering all the facts, they have concluded the study stating that the recommended amount of physical work has the potential to reduce the risk of at least seven types of cancer.  These seven types of cancer consist of colon, myeloma, breast, kidney, liver, non-Hodgkin lymphoma, and endometrial cancer. Many studies in the past have given the same verdicts about physical activity and lower risk of cancer. In the latest research, scientists have looked deeper into the amount of physical work and reduction in cancer risk.

The suggested amount of physical activity has shown a fair range of potential benefit from 6 to 10 percent lower risk of breast cancer to 18 to 27 percent of reduced risk of liver cancer.  Most of the reduced risk in certain cancer has been seen with the recommended amount of physical activity. Experts have said that physical activity above the suggested level can result in the lowest risk of cancer as well. This study has been published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology. The National Cancer Institute as well has said that a higher level of physical activity is associated with a lower risk of cancer. However, many other factors like smoking, diet, and obesity are also associated with the risk of cancer.

Health officials in the US have advised adults to do at least two and half hours of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise and 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic exercise per week to stay healthy. The authors of the study have said that the data collected in the study has been self-reported by the participants. The majority of participants have been white people. This can limit the effect of findings. They have been able to establish a significant link for non-Hodgkin lymphoma in women only. The lowered risk of colon cancer as well has been seen only in men.

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