Uber Sexual Harassment Whistle Blower Detailed her Experience in a Book

Uber Sexual Harassment Whistle Blower Detailed her Experience in a Book

Susan Fowler has claimed private investigators for stalking and hacking her family’s social media accounts. Fowler is the same former Uber employee who blew the whistle in 2017 on sexual harassment. At the time, she revealed in a blog that her boss has had harassed her for sex. Fowler also asserted that other female employees had opened up regarding suffering in the woman-hating environment. A probe started as a result of the allegations. Even more, within four months of the investigation, Uber’s co-founder Travis Kalanick back-stepped from the post of CEO. Since then, Dara Khosrowshahi has directed the company as CEO. In her new book, Whistleblower: My Journey to Silicon Valley and Fight For Justice at Uber, Fowler has noted that she became depressed and feared over her safety during the inquiry.

Fowler also noted that she had noticed certain danger signals after starting at Uber. She even detailed regarding her ex-boss, who told her about having an interest in an open relationship. Even more, the executive said to her that he is seeking for a woman to have physical relation. Fowler added they offered her two options, one of them included to go to a completely different team. The second choice was to remain in the team and gain an avenging performance review for not accepting the boss’ proposal. Following Fowler’s blog disclosure, Kalanick tweeted along with a link to Fowler’s article. The former boss noted whatever detail in the post is disgusting and against everything they believe in. Kalanick also said anyone behaving in such a way or thinks such behavior is fine would be dismissed.

Later, continuously following professionals had scared her, and she surmises Uber appointed them. Fowler also said that people started contacting her family, friends, and acquaintances to know about her personal life. She said, in the end, private detectives started contacting her openly. All in all, Fowler has faced and experienced a wide range of challenges after blowing the whistle. On the other hand, Uber said the company has no idea of ever appointing anyone for personally probing Susan Fowler. Well, in her newly authored book Fowler has described her allegations and experience.

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